Monday, June 09, 2014

Revisiting "Kyle XY"; what might have been had the series continued

I watched the conclusion of the unfinished series “Kyle XY” on DVD, with the last two episodes from Season 3 (2009) available, as “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” and “Bring the House Down”.  
Kyle has found out that the villainous Michael Cassidy is his “brother”, with the same egg donor.  Jesse’s death is faked, and then Kyle does things that he says (as narrator) are out of character for him to do, to stop Cassidy, from creating a world of clones and supermen without childhoods.  He has a friend break into a house (picking a lock) and finds all the records and burns them (it’s hard to believe that the wouldn’t be backed up).
The last episode starts with a curious scene where Jesse admire’s Kyle’s (Matt Dallas) smooth torso, noting how much his muscles have expanded.
The DVD has a section where the producers talk about what they would have done had Kyle XY not been canceled by ABC Family.   
The DVD has many short deleted scenes from the last two episodes, including one in which Kyle vomits in a parking lot and causes an earthquake that causes a car to flip over.
I do see a couple of “Season 4” videos on YouTube in Dutch, will have to see what became of them.   

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