Friday, June 20, 2014

SyFy's "Dominion" series presents a theory about angels, based on the movie "Legion"

The new SyFy series “Dominion”, which premiered last night, deals with angels (like a couple of my screenplays and treatments) but it has a rather silly precept.  25 years in the future, most of the world’s population has been destroyed by “fallen angels” who possessed the bodies of weak people, making them attack others.  Mankind survives inside a walled city called Vega, which looks like today’s Las Vegas.  (Stephen King had called the place “Cibola” in “The Stand”).
But to follow the story, you have to be familiar with the 2010 film “Legion”, by Scott Stewart.  I had reviewed that film on my “Films on major threats to freedom” (or “cf”) blog rather than the Movies blog, on Jan. 26, 2010.  A young man born in that film is now the “Chosen One”.  That’s a soldier Alex Lannon (Christopher Egan), who must befriend Michael (Tom Wisdom),  brother of the archangel Gabriel (Carl Beukes).  Michael has sided with humanity (rather like the character Sean, played by Jason Ritter, who doesn’t know he’s an alien in the NBC series “The Event”). 
Life in the enclosed city looks opulent, but there are scenes in the barracks where Lannon lives.  Outside, there are silly battles among the angels, who really grow wings (instead of chest hair, perhaps).  At the end of the Pilot, Lannon will find his body (including forearms) tattooed with instructions as to  what he is supposed to do.
There's an interesting line early in the Pilot, that the city could well use more children being born. 
You can visit SyFy’s “Enter Dominion” site here with a video and then a fictitious handbook for citizens, which describes living in an authoritarian state where a social caste system is necessary to protect stability.
The Pilot aired twice Thursday night, and the second airing started at the odd time of 10:24 PM (instead of 10:30 as published).  

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