Friday, July 04, 2014

CNN: "Buried Secrets: Who Killed the McStay Family?"

Recently, CNN has aired a special documentary “Buried Secrets: Who Killed the McStay Family”, with best descriptive link here. The family left its home on February 10, 2010 (50 miles north of San Diego) and disappeared.  Remains of the family were found four years later in the Mojave Desert by a biker, near Victorville. Joe McStay had run a custom water fixture business.
A checklist from station KTLA asks several key questions about the case here.  The sheriff’s department allowed others to clean the home after the family had disappeared.  There is a question about a missed call from their cell phone shortly after the disappearance.  And their home computer had been used (or hacked) a week before the disappearance, and there is a bizarre subplot about the family’s being seen on the Mexic an border.
An investigative journalist (Steph Watts) joined the effort.  The Sheriff’s department had believed they had gone to Mexico and was lax on cordoning off the house and investigation.
At the end, the report concluded, “this is like the first act of a play.  Three more acts have yet to be written.” It's rather unusual for news networks to air unsolved cases with so many unanswered questions. 
Update: Nov. 7

Police made an arrest in the case Wed. Nov. 5, CNN story here.

The picture is from a park near I-5 halfway between LA and San Diego (May, 2012, personal trip).   

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