Saturday, July 19, 2014

CNN continues almost non-stop coverage of Malaysian airliner tragedy over eastern Ukraine; NBC revisit of an unusual Canadian filmmaker case; more on 1996 TWA 800 case

CNN coverage of the crash of Malaysian Air Flight MH17 has continued to dominate the network's coverage (along with the situation in Gaza).

Saturday morning, Chris Cuomo showed scenes of the wreckage on flat plains around the crash site in eastern Ukraine.  Cuomo was very critical of the unwillingness of Russian rebels who control the territory to show respect for the victims and allow neutral investigators to enter the area to do proper forensics on the remains.  Later, Russian rebels admitted that the plane had been shot down but would not claim responsibility.

The countryside looks quite flat and featureless, with wreckage visible for miles.

CNN says that the rebels or Russians have been trying to remove evidence of Russian equipment from the country across the border as quickly as possible.

Ralph Ellis, Laura Cohen and Laura Smith-Spark have the latest story on the crash site here.

The Guardian reports (Daniel Boffey) a Pilots Group story that the plane had changed course to fly over the Ukraine to avoid thunderstorms, account here.   But other observers have written that it has been acceptable for airlines to pass over this part of the Ukraine despite its being a war zone.

CNN also reports that Malaysian airlines may have ignored red flags before the incident.

July 20:  Early Sunday morning, CNN reported that trains had arrived to carry away bodies and remains. Later reports indicate that the rebels are doing this in order to keep investigators from finding them.  There are stories that the black box was taken.

The general "rumor" is that Russia provided all the weaponry.  "Dear Russia" -- what you did is not OK.
One farmer in the area reported a piece of plane and at least one body falling through her roof.

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Other brief notes for TV news July 19:

Late Saturday evening, I posted a review of NBC Dateline's “Deadly House of Cards”, about the case of a filmmaker turned murderer in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, in 2008, also covered in a book by Steve . Lillebuen, who appears in the episode, titled “The Devil’s Cinema: The Untold Story Behind Mark Twitchell’s Kill Room”.  Later, I discovered a shorter review of this on September 17, 2011, so I moved all my new comments there (and removed the extra posting).  It seemed that this account was longer than the earlier one and included more detail from the journalist. You can find it with the label "unusual criminal cases".

Also, CNN, on AC360, aired a shortened version of "TWA Flight 800", reduced from 90 minutes to one hour, reviewed here on the "Films on Major Threats to Freedom" blog Jan/ 4, 2014.

On Sunday, the President's weekly video address after NBC's "Meet the Press" did not mention the crash, but mentioned paid family leave and loosening immigration.

Map of Malaysiam Airlines crash site on Wikipedia, credit link, 

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