Friday, July 25, 2014

"Elementary" on CBS, with a transplanted Sherlock Holmes

It seems that a lot of television series are based on gimmicky ideas.  That was the impression I got from an episode from “Elementary”, called “Blood Is Thicker”, re-aired July 24, 2014 on CBS (from 11/13/2013).  There’s a typical scoop here.

This time, the idea is that Sherlock Holmes (Johnny Lee Miller)  has set himself up in New York City, helping NYPD, after recovering from drug addiction while living in London and working for Scotland Yard.  In this episode Holmes is encouraged to consider moving back to London. 

Dr. Watson becomes female, played by Lucy Liu.

The murder of a beautiful young woman leads police to focus on a billionaire, in the hospital trying to fight transplant rejection with an overactive immune system. 

There are no meat pies (or mud pies) here.  Sherlock Holmes has generated television series several times, including one in Russia. 

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