Wednesday, July 09, 2014

"Extant": Halle Berry is a match for Ripley. and may be carrying "Rosemary's Baby"

Extant”, created by Mickey Fisher, premiered on CBS Wednesday night (July 9)  with a pilot called “Reentry”.

The series starts with domestic scenes back on Earth.  Halle Berry plays the astronaut (more or less in “Ripley’s shoes”), having returned from thirteen months in space, alone. 

One problem with this pilot is that there are at least three “anomalies” that don’t necessarily add up, but that’s like my having more than one catastrophe in the “Ocelot” story in my DADT-3 book.  As the pilot opens, Berry is throwing up, and it’s obvious quickly that she’s pregnant (a touch of “Rosemary’s Baby” already).  He attentive husband John (Goran Visnjic, who seems a bit sterile and stiff in the role) scolds their perfect son Ethan (Pierce Gagnon).  It turns out that Ethan is more than just a perfect aspie;  he’s a robot manufactured to be human and to develop a soul – that is, if the soul (and capacity for free will) is nothing more than a sum of recorded experiences. 

The second problem is that there are about 13 hours missing from the logs of Berry’s trip.  And they’ve made Ethan as an AI (very much as in the 2001 film from Spielberg) because she’s infertile.  Well, somebody must have been with Berry during those 13 hours. 

We’re introduced to another astronaut (Sergio Harford), as his hairless body is scrubbed, and we see flashbacks that suggest what has happened.  So, if she has conceived a baby from another robot, the future of humanity would change. It’s all rather obvious.

At the very end, a mystery person, a burly white man (Harmon Kryger), appears in the dark. That’s problem three.

The official site from CBS is here. Will this one hold an audience? 

Picture: Huntsville, AL (May 2014 trip). 

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