Sunday, July 27, 2014

John Walsh hunts down Brad Bishop, diplomat who killed his family in 1976 ; Mozdir killed in shootout in NYC after tip based on show

John Walks continued “The Hunt” Sunday night with a cold case that is 38 years old.  A diplomat, Brad Bishop, had lived abroad for years, and did not get a promotion in the State Department when he returned home to live.  In early 1976 he was facing financial problems.  On March 1, 1976, after buying a sledge hammer, he bludgeoned his wife, three children and mother to death, drove the bodies down to rural North Carolina and torched them, then disappeared.  A warden found the bodies and tracked the evidence back to Montgomery County.  The CNN link for the video is here.  Later, detectives found he had been in touch with a prisoner and tried to hire a hit man to kill his family.

The personality of Bishop sounds narcissistic, almost like that of Elliot Rodger, one that he is entitled to anything and can extract “retribution” on anyone who stands in his way.
The report had some anomalies.  There was a sign for Richmond that I know is located on US 301 in Maryland, above the Nice Bridge, not near Potomac (shown above, my visit).  And the pine barrens countryside obviously wasn’t coastal North Carolina, because it wasn’t flat enough.  

Update: July 28, 2014

I have not yet seen the episode on Charles Mozdir (I will review it when I do), bit there is Breaking News that US Marshalls received a tip that he was living in the West Village in New York City, and was killed early Monday July 28 in a shoot out with NYPD police or US marshalls.  The New York Post has the story here. Police or US Marshalls were injured seriously in the shootout.
My second picture here is from SoHo, near the Angelika Theater, June 29, 2014.   


Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever followed up on the dog he may have had with him? A couple of items I read said he had the "family dog" with him. I know it's a leap, but was there any checking done on the license number of the dog, description, loose dogs found in the vicinity of his abandoned car, etc.? Just a thought; looking at all options.

Bill Boushka said...

Good point. I hope someone sees this comment and Montgomery County MD police follow up. Toward the end of the broadcast there was one person who thought he sighted Bishop in Europe (was it Italy?) Extradition could get tricky, given the Amanda Knox situation, if that's where he is.