Saturday, July 12, 2014

NBC Dateline examines the Chanin Starbuck murder in northeastern WA

Tonight, NBC Dateline re-aired, on “Dateline,” the 2-hour Saturday Night Mystery, “A Cold December Morning”, about the murder of Chanin Starubuck in Deer Park, WA (near Spokane), Dec. 1, 2011. Keith Morrison reports.   

Her former husband, Clay, is convicted at the end of the episode.

But the investigation was made interesting by computer forensics, particularly chat room records of her desire to find other men.  A teacher and an auto salesman were also suspects for a while, partly because of social media messages.

A typical link describing the episode is here.   The court did not allow evidence based on Chanin’s online activity to be presented, as impugning a defendant’s reputation, but possibly interfering with the opportunity of the defense to produce reasonable doubt.  Overall, the case shows the risks of misuse of social media in pursuing dates or sexual partners, particularly in the “traditional marriage” heterosexual world.

Wikipedia attribution link for scene near Spokane 

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