Tuesday, July 29, 2014

NBC's "Running Wild with Bear Grylls" takes Zac Efron on a 48-hour purification in the Catskills

Running Wild with Bear Grylls” opened with a 48-hour adventure with first client Zac Efron, apparently taking place in the Catskill Mountains in New York State, about 100 miles NW of New York City, with the highest elevations not much over 4000 feet.  Grylls is a British outdoor adventurer.

Zac did a lot of rappelling into canyons, and living off the land like an apex predator, recoiling at the idea of eating a roasted squirrel.  (Foxes eat them.)  He talked about his issues with alcohol, and then acknowledged the mental purification of an outdoors adventure like this, saying “I haven’t thought about anything all weekend.”

Zac is now 26 and looked bulked and muscular, grown up from his role as “Troy” in the “High School Musical” movies.

He also did one parachute jump.

He gay outdoors group Adventuring in Washington DC has done parachute jumps and hot air balloon rides, but I’ve never done it.  In the 90s, a jump would cost $160.

Picture: Whiteface Mountain, (Adirondacks), NY State, Aug. 2012, my trip. I did Heart Lake alone (with Mount Marcy) in 1974.    

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