Friday, July 18, 2014

"NY Med" on ABC: saving lives, up close

Thursday, the media was preoccupied with the plane crash in the Ukraine, but some of the usual series returned in the evening.  (CNN postponed a new installment in its 60s series about the space race.(  I finally watched an episode of “NY Med”, link here.  I have to say that this show was more explicit in showing actual surgical procedures than any I have ever seen. The show reminds me of "Code Black" (movie reviews, July 12).  
One patient was a personable homeless man, white, needing to have two spinal fragments fused, less he have another accident and risk becoming quadriplegic.  But the operation itself posed a small risk of making him paralyzed.  He had missed one operation already because he had violated the “nothing to eat or drink” rule after midnight.  I remember that after I broke my hip, that whole morning in the University of Minnesota hospital, and then the long wait before they finally took me to the OR (this was back in January 1998).  You don’t know when you go under.  You just wake up. Since he was indigent, New York Medicaid MMIS would come into play.
Two young adults needed heart surgery;  one had already had six operations.
Another young man was being revived by defibrillation, to reset his heart rhythm; almost his entire chest was covered by pads.
NY Med has been covered on ABC Nightline before.  The episodes appear to take place at New York Presbyterian.

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