Sunday, July 06, 2014

"The Last Ship" on TNT: a Naval Ship escapes a pandemic, but not the Russians

“The Last Ship”, on TNT, supposes that a mystery pandemic has killed most of the world’s population.  The crew of a US Naval Ship, the USS Nathan James, is unaffected as two civilian virologists (Rona Miltra and Sam Spruell), claiming to study birds, get on board, in the Pilot (Phase Six).  But soon the commander (Eric Dane) has to deal with the Russians, and then Al-Qaeda at Gitmo (in “Welcome to Gitmo”) and then the Russians again in “Dead Reckoning”.  It seems that Vladimir Putin and ISIS are playing on the same side, just as in the Cold War.

The series is based on a novel by William Brinkley.
The writing and action are rather genre and stereotypical, Michael Bay’s involvement notwithstanding.  This series seems to be developing along the lines of a “Noah’s Ark” story (but then, so does the movie “Snowpiercer”).  

A major flu pandemic would spread by air to all continents quickly, but it might be that people left on cruise ships or military vessels, or on space stations or in remote locations could survive.  I wonder if this idea is present in Luc Descamps’s new thriller “Floating”, said to be in development (with his son Timo). 
This series so far gets a “Dear Russia” video. 

The TNT website is here.   The series had started June 22.  

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