Friday, August 29, 2014

ABC 20-20 investigates bizarre Texas hotel shooting of Greg Flreniken from neighboring room

ABC 20-20 on Friday, before Labor Day, aired a couple of criminal cases titled “I Know What You Did”, with the second case a bizarre accident in a motel in Beaumont, TX, at the Elegante Hotel. The ABC link is here

Greg Fleniken, from Louisiana, was staying in his room and watching “Iron Man 2” when shot in the groin during a brief air conditioning failure. He died of internal injuries as the bullet moved up into his body, but at first autopsy didn’t find the gunshot.   Apparently, three electricians (from Wisconsin, traveling to work on a refinery project) staying were in the next room and consuming alcohol. One of them got a handgun and was playing with it when it went off, and went through the wall.
It took his wife’s hiring a private detective to crack the case, Perry Mason style. There’s no Della Street. The whole episode reminds me of a short film “Lost Angel”, of danger in a hotel room (reviewed on Movies blog, March 14, 2014).

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