Saturday, August 23, 2014

Both NBC Dateline and ABC 20-20 present "love triangle" case (Pedro Bravo) in northern Florida on same Friday night

NBC Dateline re-aired “Circle of Friends” Aug, 22, about the murder of University of Florida student  Christian Aguilar by Pedro Bravo, apparently as a result of a love triangle over a girl named Erica (typical link).   Some of the details of the case appear in a story in a Miami paper by a former roommate of Bravo, here.  The Sun Sentinel had a story about the initial arrest of Pedro in September 2012, link here.
What seems so unnerving was that Pedro had been an outstanding student in a military academy, but completely lost it after an argument in a car, after which he apparently killed him while the car was parked.  He apparently drugged and then strangled him.
ABC 20-20 also presented the same story, calling it “Two’s Company, Three’s A Crime”, link here

The body was finally found in a swamp 60 miles south of Gainseville.

Bravo tried to argue he was planning suicide with his poison purchases.

A jailhouse informant claimed that Bravo wanted the “snitch” Angelo to contact gang members to commit other similar murders to make it look like Christian’s murder had been one of a serial killer.

 Pedro was sentenced to life without parole.  

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