Monday, August 18, 2014

"Days of our Lives": The "Wil-son" gay marriage is old hat, but the ethics of how Will gets published is now center stage

The saga of super-couple Will and Sonny on NBC’s “Days of our Lives” continues, as Will, now 22 and graduated from college (despite responsibility for his accidental daughter by Gabi) gets his first big writing job – an expose of his mother Sami and all her affairs.  Sonny calls him “writer” in bed, as if this was a big deal.  Nobody seems to know how self-publishing works today, or maybe it’s that “self-publishing doesn’t count”.

Sami and Kate (“Hurricane Katrina”) have hissy fits over the publication, and it looks like the editors at the magazine are going to reveal all the names.  Legally, this would all be fine: in the US, truth is an absolute defense to libel.  But Kate and Sami actually have a conversation where they toss off the idea that Stefano probably won’t hire a hit man to come after all of them.  Really, a hit man because of Will’s first “published” piece?  Literary agents in New York who happen to hear about this episode will chuckle.  Is it "wrong" to launch your fame as an author by writing about your own family?  Write what you know!  Write what other people want!
Guy Wilson, 28, is fitting into the role of a charismatic young man Will, and notice the portmanteau of his last name (“Wil-son”).  His muscles are spectacular.   It seems as though now they have to keep Sonny shaved so that they match in bed.
But the plot development about “getting published” is overtaking the gay marriage angle, which now seems like old hat.  
Picture: This rivulet in Bristoe,  VA was cleaned up by Eagle Scouts.  I guess Will and Sonny could have individually joined when they were teens -- if they got into a time machine first.

Update: Aug 21

NBC has written William Horton's essay, "A Business Affair", here.

Now EJ is warning Will that Will may go to jail for that past shooting (which might not matter now since Will is over 21 and the shooting, as a juvenile, had some justification).  EJ is angry that Will doesn't put "family first" when writing.  I've heard that before.

Update: Aug. 25

Today, Will said, "I'm a writer, not a reporter".  Ponder that one.  

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