Sunday, August 03, 2014

John Walsh on "The Hunt" presents a DUI manslaughter fugitive from FL (Chris Ponce), and a survivalist extremist in Montana (Burgert)

John Walsh tonight, on “The Hunt”, presented  (in a 30-minute segment) a fugitive Chris Ponce, who apparently was responsible for a major accident near Tampa FL on July 19, 2012, entering the freeway the wrong way. 
22-year-old William Angel died in the crash, and his brother was seriously injured, although the brothers speaks in the program and appears to have recovered fully.  Ponce was offered bond with home detention by the judge while the results on his blood alcohol came back. Ponce then cut off the electronic monitoring ankle bracelet and vanished.   A Tampa Bay newspaper has a story by Dan Sullivan, here

Walsh’s own comments presented Ponce as from a family of privilege, and a odd comment that he wouldn’t have had to develop the street smarts of a normal escapee.   There is another site set up just for this show, here.


The second half of the show profiled David Burgert, who had been associated with an anti-government group called “Project Seven”, in Flathead County, Montana, around Kalispell.  (I actually spent a night there on vacation in May, 1981 and still remember the area.  The very next night, I would attend a spontaneous “feel good about yourself” seminar in Helena.)  He disappeared, and would reappear for another incident and shootout in 2011.  The Missoulian has a detailed story here. Walsh says the public doesn’t get how vast these areas in western US are.  I do understand.  I’ve driven rental cars in almost all of the US and much of Canada for all the years of my adult life.  I know the country well.  On that particular trip in 1981. 

The master list for John Walsh's (many fugitives) program is here.  

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Kalispell, MT  The first picture is in the Everglades, FL (my picture, 2004).  

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