Sunday, August 24, 2014

John Walsh presents cases of Stoeser (TX), Barnard (MN)

Two more recent episodes of “The Hunt” with John Walsh on CNN will pressure sex offenders looking for underage women. 

Kevin Stoeser’s story was presented.  He had been born to a teen mother whom herself had been abused.  He started abusing underage women while in the Army, before being caught and court-martialed.  After he got out, he resumed.  A teenage girl and her mother called police in Texas. There are details on station KVUE in Austin, TX, here.  Apparently he was sentenced for this, and then “escaped” from a halfway house in Del Valle, TX. 

Then Walsh presented the story of Victor Barnard, who ran a “commune” ("The River Road Fellowship") in southern Minnesota, MSN episode guide here. The commune rather sounds like Colorado City, AZ.  It is rather shocking that the young women didn't even know that what he had done was a crime.  The criminal justice system in Minnesota (where I used to live) did drop the ball on this one.  

Just as with "To Catch a Predator" on NBC, most of these crimes seem to be heterosexual.  

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