Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mystery UFO sighting near Harrisburg PA reported by ABC GMA, seems more credible than usual

ABC “Good Morning America” on Aug. 28 presented a story of mysterious UFO lights near Harrisburg, P, apparently verified as seen by law enforcement.  The witness was Stephanie Wilkerson.

Could it have been a drone?

ABC News presents a series of 15 clips of UFO sights in the following places:  Mississippi. North Carolina (on the Outer Banks;  there are other sightings around Brown Mountain near Boone, as in the movies blog, Aug. 18, review of “Alien Abduction”); Texas City, TX (on the Gulf Coast), Russia, China, New Orleans, Tempe AZ (during a haboob), Colorado (near the Balloon boy incident), Jerusalem, New York City (two incidents), link here.   Some of these videos seem a bit frivolous.  The most interesting was the lights around some deer in Mississippi, as in the movie “The Corridor” (movies, March 25, 2014).

The ABC News GMA link is here.  You have to play 15 clips, and some have annoyingly long commercials.

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