Saturday, August 16, 2014

NBC Dateline: "The Man Who Talked to Dogs": Stover case in Washington State

On Saturday, August 16, 2014, NBC Dateline reaired the episode “The Man Who Talked to Dogs” (originally in January 2011).
A man, Mark Stover had run a successful dog grooming business on an island north of Seattle.  His relationship with his wife brokdedown, and he moved to Anacortes.
In late October 2009 Stover disappeared from his palatial home under suspicious circumstances.   Skagit County Sheriffs eventually brought charges against Mike Oakes, a security specialist, whom Stover’s ex-wife consulted, after which they developed a romantic relationship. 
Oakes spoke to Dateline before presenting his defense at trial, which is what seems unusual about this case.  Stokes kept stalking him and confronted him, asking him to bring wedding photos (that’s bizarre).  Oakes came to the home after an overnight drive.  In a struggle, Oakes says he killed Stover with his hand in self-defense and disposed of the body at a wharf. This all sounds like it comes from Twin Peaks.

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The main Dateline reference is here.

A Seattle paper has a story of the guilty verdict in 2012 at the trial, here

Oakes was single father, and seemed mild mannered.   The defense had called Stover a “domestic violence terrorist”.

I think this case provides an object lesson in extreme jealousy, almost like in 1940s movies.  I'm not susceptible to it.  

Wikipedia attribution link for Anacortes WA picture.       My own visits: 1996. Maybe 1976, 1978, 1990.   

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