Friday, August 01, 2014

NBC News presents "Hannah Anderson: Anatomy of a Kidnapping"

Tonight, August 1, 2014, NBC News aired a special “Hannah Anderson: Anatomy of a Kidnapping”, with Savannah Guthrie doing the interview.  This was in a style similar to Dateline, but in fact Dateline has its own report. 
NBC’s best account seems to be here.
Another site on the special is here
Wikipedia has an account of the episode in August 2013 here.   The suspect James Lee DiMaggio invited Christina Anderson and her family to his home near San Diego, which he burned with elaborate preparation, before kidnapping teenage Hannah to Idaho.  The documentary showed some of the footage of the rescue, after an older couple thought something was odd when encountering DiMaggio and Hannah in the wilderness, checked the amber alert (which now comes out on smartphones) and called the sheriff.  FBI shot DiMaggio in a confrontation.
The documentary covered suspicions on the Internet the Hannah might have had something to do with it, an idea that (subsequent police and forensic) evidence does not support.
There are stories that Hannah was offered $100000 to help with a documentary (link).  News organizations normally do not pay subjects of crime documentaries. 
Picture: San Diego, University Ave area, May 2012, my trip

Update: Aug. 4, 2014

I posted a security notice on my "Bill's Internet Safety Tips" blog today regarding the vodlocker video mentioned in the fourth comment below. Maybe it is OK, but I've asked Webroot to look into the warning I get from it.  


Unknown said...

What a horrific experience and very brave young lady to not only survive it but retell it. Great job, Savannah Guthrie, on the interview and report. Prayers for Miss Anderson, this is something that has changed her life in the most traumatic way.

Unknown said...

i cant find where i can see this special its annoying the crap outta me i just want to watch this

can someone please send me a link

Bill Boushka said...

This program doesn't seem to be a Dateline special. I couldn't find it either. I think Dateline will probably redo it soon and offer a link.

Anonymous said...

I found it here...