Friday, September 05, 2014

AC360 honors Joan Rivers; will soon cover Kristen Beck

Anderson Cooper’s AC360 on Thursday night at 8 PM was dedicated to an hour’s remembrance of Joan Rivers, with a link here.  The broadcast noted her good relationship with the LGBT community.
Toward the end of the broadcast, Dr. Sanjay Gupta tried to explain how the medical emergency during her minor throat surgery, an outpatient procedure, might have developed.  Her airways seem to have closed, preventing breathing, and it isn’t yet clear how this possibility is usually prevented. WebMD has an article, which explains medically induced coma, here. There will surely be more details soon.  This was a routine procedure. 

Much was said about her performance the night before, and having refreshments with others late at night before surgery early the next morning.
I had double hernia surgery in early January 2010, as an outpatient, and was officially “out” for just 67 minutes.  I was home by early afternoon and not uncomfortable until the anesthetic wore off. 
I had sedation dentistry to have all of my teeth replaced by implants with dentures, two sessions in 2013.  During the procedure, just three leads for an EKG are used (not ten).  Time seems to pass very quickly during several hours of sedation.
Anderson had originally intended to interview transgender former Navy SEAL Kristen Beck, as preparatory to the film “Lady Valor” (aired at 9 PM, Movies blog), but that interview was postponed until alter.   

ABC 20-20 did a special Friday night, "Joan Rivers: Living for the Laughs", best link

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