Thursday, September 11, 2014

AfroPop presents "Deported": film about immigrants returned to Haiti after felony convicted (PBS, Howard University)

 On Tuesday, Sept. 9, PBS station WHUT at Howard University in Washington DC aired episode 6 of “AfroPop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange”, which was “Deported”.  (It could have been “The Deported”.)  This film is a 45-minute documentary by Chantal Regnault and Rcahele Magloire.  It presents a relatively little known immigration issue:  anyone born outside the US, even after being here legally (but not a citizen) can be deported to his or her home country after serving a prison sentence for conviction of a felony. The law was actually passed in 1996 when Clinton was in office, but was heavily pursued after 9/11.
This particular episode follows four men raised in the US back to Haiti, where they had never lived since early childhood, where they have to adopt to a life of privation.

The main link is here
One of the men says the thought he was an American and found out he was not. 
There was mention of the idea that the Dream Act would make it easier for immigrants to stay after military service or college. 
Some of the film is in French.  The film visits US backgrounds of the men in Lynn MA and Brooklyn NY.

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