Monday, September 29, 2014

Bourdain gives as a tour of Shanghai, but emphasizes food porn, as he opens a new season of "Parts Unknown"

Anthony Bourdain launched his new season of Parts Unknown on CNN with a visit to Shanghai, in “The People’s Republic of Capitalism”, CNN pressroom link here

Bourdain reminded us that the city is more ostentatious than any in the US in its displays of extreme wealth, particularly in the newest skyscraper section of Pudong. 
But the broadcast showed relatively little of the scenery, and focused mainly on the food, with exotic dishes that take a great deal of precision labor and energy to make.  The pork and crab soup dumpling and soup recipe attracted a lot of attention, with the precise hand-folding of each dumpling twenty times (link to recipe here ).  The preparation of the individual morsels reminds one of origami.
The food often includes small invertebrate animals (insects, crustaceans) and spices and sweet flavorings. It often is pan fried and flamed in exotic manners.
Shanghai is currently the most populous “city proper” in the world, with 23 million. But the city measures over 2400 square miles, which would be almost 50 miles square.  It approaches the size of Clive Barker’s “First Dominion” in his fantasy novel “Imajica”. 

Going to China would be like visiting another planet, for me.  But so would visiting Saudi Arabia.  
Wikipedia attribution link for area photo of Shanghai flat land mass 

Re-aired on Dec. 10, 2017. 

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