Sunday, September 28, 2014

Chris Pratt ("Bright" from "Everwood") leads SNL opening night for 40th season

Saturday night, Chris Pratt (“Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Zero Dark Thirty”) hosted the opening of the 4oth anniversary of Saturday Night Live.

He admitted in his monologue that this appearance would become one big selfie. He says he had to lose 60 pounds for a movie part (“Guardians”?) and I had notice some bloatware in recent years.   
A couple months ago, NBC had polled Facebook for suggestions for hosts.  Chris was one of eight on my list.  Maybe I had something to do with this.  If so, why wasn’t I in New York in the audience?  Maybe I should have been.  I was down in Richmond yesterday for Virginia Pride and later the Virginia State Fair.  It’s not easy to get in to the show, although the space looks pretty large. (A link on tickets is here.  )

A new comic, Pete Davidson, 20, the son of a NYC firefighter who died on 9/11, introduced himself during the Weekly Update and spun some gay jokes.

I had met Chris Pratt and Gregory Smith (who had starred together in the WB series “Everwood”) in August 2005 at a party at the King of Prussia Mall near Philadelphia. I had talked about DADT and EFF (and the COPA battles) with them.
Most of the skits were pretty goofy.  Toward the end, there was a piece where a girl undoes his shirt, to show a bizarre makeup shoulder scar.  Yes, he’s grown some hair on his chest since his days as Bright in Everwood.  

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