Wednesday, September 24, 2014

CNN and Erin Burnett host Bill Clinton in town hall tonight

Erin Burnett debriefed former president Bill Clinton on CNN Wednesday night before the Town Hall at  9 OM, main link with many short videos here

Clinton said he (and Hillary) had disagreed with Obama before when Obama didn’t want to arm the rebels in Syria.  Clinton agreed that the people in the region have to win the battle on the ground, and the talked in detail about internal politics in the Muslim world.   He said that the more the US has to spend defending against enemies, the less it can spend fixing inequality at home. 
Clinton also said that he thinks the country is, as a whole, much less racist than it was two decades ago.

Clinton said that he relates to the domestic abuse scandals in pro football because he saw it in his own home growing up. 
President Obama’s address at the United Nations earlier today was broadcast on CNN, as was his chairing of the UN Security Council meeting. Obama laid the greatest moral responsibility at the hands of moderate Muslims to challenge the plundering and hijacking of their religion. 

I was odd to see Obama concerned about parliamentary procedure.  

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