Saturday, September 13, 2014

CNN presents Miami case of Krishna Maharaj on "Death Row Stories", echoes of "Scarface"

Friday night, CNN re-aired the “Death Row Story” of British businessman Krishna Maharaj  (born in Trinidad), who was convicted in 1986 of a drug-related slaying in Miami (Wikipedia story ) of Derrick Moo Young and Duane Young.  The death sentence was removed, but appeals to overturn the conviction based on possible prosecutorial misconduct have been denied by Florida governors.


The show as interesting in that it described the climate in south Florida in the early 1980s, the basis of Brian de Palms’s film “Scarface” (1983) with Al Pacino.  De Palma often said on television (like on Nightline, to Ted Koppel) that he made the film to show what was going on in south Florida.  

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