Saturday, September 06, 2014

"Stand Up to Cancer" hosts 2014 Telethon on all major broadcast networks

The four major broadcast networks (NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS) all hosted the “Stand Up To Cancer Telethon 2014” (or “Standup2cancer”) at 8 PM EDT Friday night, Sept. 6, basic link here. CNN did not participate, but will soon host its own “CNN Heroes”.
Many celebrities appeared, including Meredith Vieira, Katie Couric, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (“Mitch” on “Modern Family”) as well as Eric Stonestreet (“Cam”).

My own perception is different with age.  We will all dies of something and will get cancer – very likely prostate or breast if we live long enough, so I don’t see a cause there.  It is definitely a factor for a marriage or a family.  But when cancer appears in a younger person, especially pediatric cancer, that’s different.  I’ve always felt that the television ads from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America were a bit over the top and patronizing in tone.  Unusual tumors are, of course, a complication of HIV disease.
The telecast asked the public to host fundraisers.   Now I generally don’t “pimp” fundraising for groups or causes, and I don’t have the social pull to do that in my own home (although I may have the space). Events held in public spaces (like rented theaters) seem much more like comfort-inducing ideas.  But my own reaction to this highlights my own separation from any mass of “social capital”.  

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