Monday, September 22, 2014

"Under the Dome" seems to head toward a conclusion as the Dome starts to implode on top of Chester's Mill

Under the Dome” caught my attention tonight with the episode “Go Now”.  The Dome has been starting to collapse and threaten to destroy the town, while some of the townspeople have found an escape through the cave, under where the UFO landed in 1988.  A lot of the episode shows them jumping a “Galt’s Gulch” that grows underground, and finding the way led by incandescent butterflies (worthy of Tiny Tim and my old Armies buddies at Ft. Eustis in 1969).  The kid Joe McAlister (Colin Ford) seems to take a leadership role.  At the very end, a young female angel appears to lead them out. 

In the meantime, the sheriff goes mad, commits arson and tries various kinds of mayhem but is stopped.  We don’t know if Junior Rennie will get out, or the young lady he is protecting. 

As to how it can rain under the Dome, the Huffington Post has a detailed narrative of who the Dome has “protected” and threatened residents, and developed its own climate, link here

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