Monday, September 08, 2014

"Utopia" on Fox: Two hours with 15 people starting an intentional community

I tried the two-hour kickoff of “Utopia” on Fox Sunday night.  Fifteen adults, from various walks, assembled to build an intentional community that appears to be in the coast mountains in California somewhere.  (For properties I have visited in Virginia, see Twin Oaks, April 7, 2012, and Acorn, July 16, 2014. 
The property has a barn, a waterfall and pond (which could dry up with the latest drought) and some animals.  The pioneers come in with no rules, except to share what they bring. 
The backgrounds are indeed diverse.  One man has been in prison. One was an attorney on Wall Street.  One is a born again pastor.  But another female participant says that the three great evils are power, money and religion and she wants out of all of it.
One of the men, a contractor, harasses one of the women, and the group puts him on probation in a kind of hearing.   They do have the ability to call 911.  One female gets alcohol poisoning on the first night. 
The pioneers even have to build their own electric grid.  They also make clothes optional.
The official site is here

This reality show follows on some others, like “Survivor”.

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