Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Anthony Bourdain: drinking the muscle milk from the Masai people of Tanzania

Anthony Bourdain’s Part’s Unknown continued Sunday with “Tanzania”, with much of the show taking place in an ancient volcanic basin (Ngorongoro Crater) with its own ecosystem, and some attention to saving big cats – lions.  These magnificent beings may be lost forever to poachers, link here.  Bourdain stays in an odd resort in the Crater that has hobbit-like huts.  Bourdain also focuses on the Masai people, and consumed their high-protein food, which included a bizarre kind of yogurt and “muscle milk”.  He said they are the most physically fit people in the world.
He’s about 3000 miles away from the horrors of Ebola, but the terrorism of Somalia and Kenya, and the rabid anti-gay world of Uganda is much closer. 
In the earlier part of the show, he visits the island of Zanzibar.

I do recall a coworker who took his wife on a honeymoon safari in the country in 1973.  
Wikipedia attribution link for volcano crater in Tanzania. 

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