Wednesday, October 08, 2014

CNN: "Vanished: The Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370"

On Tuesday night, CNN aired the one-hour documentary “Vanished: The Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370” (or “Vanished: MH370”) at 9 PM EDT, with primary link here
The flight left Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for Beijing around midnight before March 8, 2014 started and disappeared from all radar and air traffic control system detection less than an hour after takeoff. 
The discovery of “handshakes” from a British satellite company Inmarsat many weeks later would show that the aircraft had to have changed course and flown SW toward the Indian Ocean (story ) . 

The background investigations of the pilot, copilot, crew members, and passengers has not revealed anyone with a suspicious background or ties to terrorist groups.

CNN's Miles O'Brien has a separate video on a new theory as to why MH370 might have disappeared. The particular Boeing aircraft has an unlocked compartment outside the cockpit with access to control systems, which someone could have entered, link here. 
  Pictures: Lunar eclipse, pre-dawn, Oct. 8, 2014 (mine).   

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