Monday, October 20, 2014

CSI shows the dangers of high school chemistry lab class

One time when I was substitute teaching, the lesson plan was to show a couple of “CSI” (“Crime Scene Investigation”) episodes to a math class (from the Miami series).
Last night, CBS did air an interesting episode “The Book of Shadows” (set in Las Vegas) about a male chemistry teacher (Carl Messner) who suddenly runs down a high school corridor while burning to death.  It is pretty gruesome, as he is completely charred.  George Eads and Ted Danson star as forensic detectives. 

Right before, a couple of students are speaking mockumentary style and filming in videocams, as if making “Cloverfield”. 
We find out that the teacher, deeply in debt, had connections to both drug dealers and the Satanism community, and that the mother of the kid shooting the video is involved.  The kid has cancer and limited life expectancy, despite his wholesome manner in the show.
The best CBS link went private. Let's try this one.


I did have Honors Chemistry and AP many times, especially in 2005, when I substitute taught.  I never had lab.  But I sometimes wondered if something could go wrong.  In the episode, the chemicals involved are red phosphorus (it’s the white form that burns) and potassium chlorate.  

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