Thursday, October 16, 2014

EJ's "death" and "no funeral" instructions inspire controversy (on NBC's "Days of our Lives"); actor Freddie Smith injured in crash

An interesting and perhaps disturbing sidebar appears in the “Days of our Lives” episode on Tuesday, Oct. 16.  EJ has been shot and killed after an encounter in the park.  Mysteriously, on Monday, Kristen has injected something into the arm of EJ’s corpse at the end of the episode.  Of course, we know from the past that on “Days”, people have a way of coming back from the dead (as in 2004, when many of the characters wound up on a replica of Salem set up in the Caribbean, after Marlena had supposedly killed many of them). 
On Tuesday, an unidentified man brings an urn which he says contains the cremated remains of EJ.  The synopsis is here. Of course, Sami makes the interesting comment that EJ had instructed that he be cremated and that there be no funeral service.  That’s provocative – why?  Is it because he “had it coming to him?”  That sounds like it could encourage more hits.  Is it because he expects “resurrection” and that this was planned?
It’s important to note that in my own experience, some relatives have cremation and a short graveside ceremony (fifteen minutes), and a memorial church service later (with no casket, but music, testimonials, and a reception).  (Some services even include communion.)  Others have a longer graveside service, with testimonials, but no formal reception (sometimes an informal private lunch).  
I’ve actually thought about this in my own life (I’m 71), and written something on one of my Wordpress blogs, here. We all die of something, and that isn’t controversial.  But when a death is ugly or contemptuous – and a mob hit as in this soap, is certainly “ugly”, it matters.  My own will recognizes this possibility, and there are consequences in the distribution.  I think when a loss of life is connected to a political or some kind of power struggle, very great discretion should be followed in the observance that follows, and it should be simple and low-key.  This may sound like “giving in”, but I think it is a way of recognizing serious problems in somone’s life, which may be affecting many other people.
As for the rest of the storyline, John seems to be letting Theresa off the hook for putting him into a coma, even though he knows.  I want to see Theresa get caught and led away in handcuffs.
Will and Sonny are working through their same-sex marriage relationship, but Will is finding his integrity tested as he accepts new paid writing assignments that will affect other people in the family.  (Guy Wilson is becoming convincing as Will;  Freddie Smith was recently injured slightly in a car accident in his home Ohio  (story).  People have said that I write about family in my own books, sometimes in sensitive areas (like the eldercare chapter in DADT-3.

Sami (Allison Sweeney), a drawing card for the show’s ratings, is said to be leaving soon, and that her departure will be catastrophic – she may be the next to be murdered, perhaps as a hit.  I don’t quite see the plot that will take her out, though, yet.    

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