Saturday, October 25, 2014

"Emily the Musical" will apparently hit hard the lack of opportunity for some minority kids

A random check of PBS yielded a show called “Heroes”, where the first words from an African-American girl were, “all my life, I’ve had to take care of someone else.”  There were other interviews with kids about even having an opportunity to get a full education because of family circumstances.  
The kids seemed to be producing a musical in Harlem called “Emily the Musical”.  There were some embedded very-short films called “Where Is He?” (that is, Dad), and “Memoirs of a Superwoman”.  That is Clark Kent now bends genders.
The director seemed to be Jack Alpert. 
Remember how in the move “October Sky”, the older brother offers to go to work in the coal mines when the father gets black lung, leaving Homer the freedom to dream about rockets.  I remember showing that to a physics class when subbing. 
But indeed many parents indenture their older kids to help support the siblings that the parents had. 

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