Friday, October 24, 2014

"Mystery in Orange County": the murder of Mirabel Ramos, Iraq war veteran, in 2013 on NBC Dateline

On Friday, October 24, 2014, NBC Dateline aired a one hour true life investigation, “Mystery in Orange County”, about the disappearance and murder of 36-year-old Mirabel Ramos in May 2013.
The broadcast shows the other side of “The O.C.” when compared to the version of the popular Fox series a few years ago: hardworking immigrants.  Maribel had served in the Army, in combat in Iraq, to earn money for college and then had majored in criminal justice. 

She had a male roommate, Kwang Chol Joy, who would eventually be convicted of second degree murder.  Apparently he had a “crush” on her and killed her and hid the body after an argument.  Police took the computer and cell phone in his apartment, forcing him to use the public library, where “it’s free”.  Police had originally suspected other clients on the site “Plenty of Fish” (maybe “free fish”), but all had alibis.   Police got a warrant to track the keystrokes of Kwang at the library, leading them to a tree in an LA County canyon (Sanitago Canyon) where Mirabel had been buried.  The OCReigster has a story on the incident here

Both Mirabel and Kwang had made bizarre 911 calls.
Much of the story is told by her sister Lucero Gonzalez.  

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