Tuesday, October 07, 2014

"Selfie" says a lot about social media circles, and increases fear of flying (especially now)

I sampled ABC’s new series comedy “Selfie” this evening. The Pilot is available through Hulu on Imdb.  While pesky, the series doesn’t use the mockumentary technique of “Modern Family” and has some stylistic affinity with “Transparent”.  The series is created by Emily Kapnek and the Pilot is directed by Julie Anne Robinson.
It’s about sales culture, all right.  Eliza (Karen Gillan) is a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company who uses social media for her job well.  She has thousands of Facebook friends, but few real friends (the show has a line “Being friended on Facebook doesn’t mean making friends”)  On a business trip, she has cruised Ethan, but when she notices his wedding ring as she sits next to him, she vomits into air basg, twice, and spills them over herself and other passengers on the way to the lavatory.  I wonder if anyone knew about Ebola while filming the Pilot. 

A co-worker Henry (John Cho), offers to coach her in her social life, while insisting that their relationship remain platonic and professional.  He gets an award from the company for reversing the bad publicity from a nasal spray gone wrong, and his African-American male boss kisses him.  So she presumes he’s gay. She winds up playing bridesmaid at a wedding.
Episode 2 “Un-Tag My Heart” (Oct. 7) has Henry admitting he isn’t on Facebook, but relies on Linked-In instead, as if unaware that you can no longer lead a double life online.  So he fixes that quickly.

ABC’s site for the show is here
You have to deserve adulation before taking a selfie.  

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