Thursday, October 09, 2014

"The Bronx": A "part unknown" is right next door for Anthony Bourdain

Some critics are claiming that the second episode this season of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, “The Bronx”, misses most of what matters, like the Latino community, and seems patronizing, as this piece in Huffington, “Still Doesn’t Know the Bronx”, link here

Bourdain sounds aloof when he says he lives in sight of it but had never really visited it. (He does explain its history, how it became a borough, and why there is a definite article in the name.)  He grew up in New Jersey.  He probably never cared, until somehow it got his attention.  It’s odd to find a “place unknown” less than ten miles from your own luxury pad.  That’s not to belittle his other work, where he has indeed gone into hot zones, and I suspect we’ll see more of that in the future (maybe even about Ebola).  He does cover the hip-hop scene, as well as graffiti art on the subways.  He says he has already been everywhere in the World. 
Some of the "food porn" in this segment was routine: dining at "White Tower".  Remember "Little Tavern" in Washington DC in the 1950s? 

Beyond Yankee Stadium (where I went to a game this summer), there is the Bronx Zoo, and Botannical Garden, which I visited when living here in the 1970s, and Pelham Bay Park, leading to “City Island” (the name of a movie, reviews on Movies Blog May 25, 2010), which I also visited at least once. There is also Van Cortlandt Park.   A few times I rode the Amtrak train through the South Bronx, which looked horrible in the 1970s.

I'd use one of my Harlem or Riverside pictures here, but I notice they're in Manhattan!

The most specific CNN reference seems to be this

Wiki[edia attribution link for Pelham Bay Park, here

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