Tuesday, November 25, 2014

ABC's "Castle" episode "Kill Switch" combines two threats in NYC, but misuses a well-known influenza virus

ABC pushed its regularly scheduled programs Monday night up for Ferguson, but did not pre-empt them.  I caught an episode of “Castle” called “Kill Switch”, where a murder suspect threatens to become a suicide bomber on a NYC subway car.  Then we learn that the explosion would release a deadly influenza. 

The problem is that the call the flu “H5N1” which appeared in 2011 and for which we now have an effective vaccine.  The program could have picked one of the bird flu’s, rather than swine flu.  At the end, we learn that a female scientist wants a market for her vaccine.

Nathan Fillion plays Richard Castle, the novelist who sees his plots carried out in “real life”.  That calls for layered screenwriting.  
See my review of "Carriers" on my "CF" blog Dec. 7, 2010, and a retrospect on a 1999 ABC Nightline simulation of a fictitious anthrax attack on the Bart system in Sam Francisco (same blog).  

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