Sunday, November 02, 2014

Chris Rock stirs controversy on SNL with "jokes" about Boston Marathon and 9-11, and ISIS Shark Tank skit

Chris Rock stirred up controversy with his opening monologue Saturday Night, “All Saints Day”, when he joked about the Boston Marathon attack and 9/11, with a summary on Yahoo here.  He baited the safety of the New York City Marathon which was today.  (I was in NYC last weekend and hotels were really full;  they would have been even fuller this weekend.) 

Later, the show featured a “Shark Tank” 4 minute pitch for fund raising by ISIS militants (link)  At least the militants said they had made vacant, deserted “useless” land productive.  But this satire makes sense, as ISIS has been proving it can "make money".  Still, it probably came across as a "real laugh not".
The controversy led to a firestorm on Twitter today.  Michelle Singletary retweeted the story I cited.
Chris Rock once spoke to an assembly (concerning countering drug use) at a high school when I was substitute teaching, back in 2007.  The school was Langley, near the CIA, one of the best performing schools in northern Virginia. 
Nov. 1 was "clock set back night" which gave an extra hour.  But with the weather cold and windy, and with a Halloween party the night before, I stayed in, not trying to take advantage of the extra hour for "cruising".  

SNL appears to have announced its host selections only through Nov. 15.  At least one of my suggestions on a user survey (Chris Pratt) came to pass immediately.  

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