Monday, November 24, 2014

CNN makes spectacle of Ferguson protests after "no bill" of indictment from grand jury

CNN has covered live the long statement by St. Louis County prosecutor Bib McCulloch deliver a long statement explaining the decision by the grand jury to return “no bill” – no indictment against police officer Darren Wilson.

The most critical parts of the evidence seemed to be that Mr. Brown had approached the officer’s car and had approached the officer another time.  Apparently Brown reached into the car or for Warren's weapon at one point. Missouri law is said not to be in full compliance with former Supreme Court rulings on when police may use deadly force.

I could not find a full transcript of his remarks or link for all of the evidence as of this writing, but will add it as soon as I find it. There is a transcript of Wilson's testimony here

Sonny Jostin, Jeffrey Toobin and Mark O'Mera analyze the prosecutor's remarks here
What is more disturbing, however, is that disorder and violence broke out in Ferguson very quickly, and CNN televised it live during the past hour.  Jake Tapper, Don Lemon, Jason Carrol, and Andew Cuomo all ran from tear gas.  Police cars were turned over and fires appeared on live television.  CNN seemed to be focusing on the spectacle and aired it on CNNGo to cable subscribers.
Other networks interrupted their regular programs briefly, but not to the extent of CNN. 
There are reports of a march of about 300-1000 people from U Street to the White House in Washington DC Monday night.  There is a gathering of people shouting in unison in front of the White House now. 

President Obama’s remarks at 10 PM.

Live coverage on CNN may continue all night.

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of looting Aug 4 in Ferguson 

Update: Nov. 25

In Ferguson, a protester screamed a CNN's Jason Carroll, "you do not understand. You are enhancing THEIR narrative." A police cruiser was set on fire at about 11 PM EDT. 

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