Thursday, November 13, 2014

DC ABC affiliate backs up "How To Get Away With Murder" with a real Georgetown University law professor and her class; more on Perry Mason, on gay angle of new series

Station WJLA in Washington DC (actually Arlington VA) reinforced the new ABC series “How to Get Away with Murder” tonight by presenting a profile of defense attorney and Georgetown University law professor, Abby Smith, story link here. The news report quizzed her students on what it takes to want a career as a defense attorney in an adversarial contest.  Why do people want to represent those who have, from all appearances, created horrible crimes.  One answer was that police can lie (echo, Ferguson MO, where there is new evidence tonight), and another is that prosecutors often abuse minorities.  That’s apparent from wrongful convictions covered on CNN or by the Innocence Project.
The report mentioned the Perry Mason television series from the 1950s, with assistant Della Street, inspired by mystery writer Earl Stanley Gardner, which produced a long series of genre mystery novels and movies (mostly for TV) in the 50s and 60s.  Mason (Raymond Burr) would get the real killer to say “I did it” during the preliminary hearing.  You saw a lot of early LA in the series (as you did in “Dragnet” with Jack Webb).  In a typical Perry Mason episode, the victim would be found murdered about 15 minutes into an hour-long episode. 
Vox Media has a long article today  (by Alex Abad-Santos, link ) on the gay subplots of “How to Get Away with Murder”, involving Connor Walsh, played by Jack Falahee. 

There’s another story on “Oh No They Didn’t” Live Journal, but the embedded video is already gone because of a copyright takedown on YouTube, story link here. You can look at the “images” in Google from a search in the actor’s name and notice some inconsistencies.  

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