Thursday, November 20, 2014

Don Lemon's "CNN Tonight" panelist predicts "no indictment" of Darren Wilson in Ferguson shooting; conviction at a real trial said to be very difficult

Don Lemon on “CNN Tonight” on Wednesday night (10 P EST), interviewed Cyril Wecht (link), a forensic pathologist, who predicted that in Ferguson, “The Grand Jury is not going to indict the officer (Darren Wilson) in this case”.  Wecht later said he would personally vote to indict, but in a real trial there would be tremendous reasonable doubt in a petit jury trial. Even with an indictment. officials would have to brace later for the very likely acquittal.  
Tom Fuentes (CNN legal analyst), David Klinger (criminal justice professor, link)  and Van Jones (legal analyst) also discussed the matter with Wecht.  The link (provided in case the embed below stops working) with video is here
There are many stories in the media about police preparations for demonstrations in many cities, not just around St. Louis.  The Washington Post reports preparations in a story by Wesley Lowrey and Kimberly Kindy, link here. The post links to a posting of 19 “Proposed Rules of Engagement” by a “Don’t Shoot Coalition”, link here
 Wikipedia attribution link of picture of Ferguson protesters in August. Note the sign “We are the village”.  
I'll add here, as I have on other blogs and Facebook, that the case of Darrien Hunt by police in Saratoga Springs, UT needs more media attention, particularly on CNN.  

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