Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lisa Ling looks at young priests who are "Called to the Collar"

Lisa Ling’s “This Is Life” segment on CNN Sunday night, “Called to the Collar”, visited the little town of Fowler, MI, with its Catholic store, and family of young men willing to become priests and forego having families.  And in these cases, this was what the Vatican admires: heterosexual men giving up their own biological future because of a calling.

The family was Koenigsknecht, where Gary and Todd, twins and both 26, were ordained recently.  A younger man was starting seminary at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.  The process takes eight years and is psychologically demanding.  The young man said that otherwise he would have become a farmer.

The St. Thomas campus brings back good memories.  I took a Unix course there in 1999 while working for ReliaStar (now ING-USA, actually Voya) in downtown Minneapolis.  This is a Catholic college (looking a little like Catholic University in Washington DC) but is quite diverse in what it offers (especially technology subjects), and taking a course there was interesting.

The owner of the Catholic store says that the town is filled with young adults "on fire with their faith" and that more people are choosing the life or vow of poverty again.   Parents are proud of this development even though they will not get grandchildren from the men.

There's a line about people who grow up "going to church".  I remember that from a welcoming phone call in New Jersey back in 1972 (though this was Protestant).  

The Lansing State Journal has a story on the broadcast, here

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