Friday, November 28, 2014

Lisa Ling presents documentary on gay rodeos

This Is Life” with Lisa Ling, aired a report on Gay Rodeos recently. The main CNN link is here. The title is "The Faces of America's Gay Rodeo."

Ling interviewed a number of male and female participants, including Brianna, Will, and “Bubba”.  One man, who came out in the 1970s at 33, recalled the time that Reno, NV banned a gay rodeo; when he tried to participate in a regular one, the sheriff surrounded him with two cars, brandished a gun, and said that “queers” couldn’t come on the property.  He says the knew that the sheriff was "in the wrong" legally and only doing it because he thought he could get away with it.  Suddenly, that recalls the debate now on police abuse based on race, centering on Ferguson, MO,  but also on other incidents in the past.  (Let me mention that in 1968, when I was in Basic Training at Fort Jackson, SC, there was an incident in Orangeburg, 50 miles away.)

“Bubba”, around 50, did not want to identify himself and still kept his or her face in shadows because of employment as a prison guard.
When I lived in Dallas, I recall that there gay rodeos were held once a year somewhere in Texas (in the 80s).
The documentary (42 minutes) presented the competitive events of all rodeos.  May participants enter the mainstream events, too. 

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