Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lisa Ling visits "Man Camp" (like Dr. Phi's) in Williston ND oil patch, where the homeless are "filthy rich"

Lisa Ling ("This Is Life") visits the oil shale operation at Williston ND in an episode called “Filthy Rich” on CNN.  A typical local reference is this
The most interesting part of the episode was the depiction of the “man camp”, a temporary housing mass where men live in dormitory fashion, with one washroom per every eight people, and a 10 ft x 12 ft room for each person, with TV and Internet.  A female truck driver named Heather, who at 50 could outperform most of the men, lived there with them.  Dr. Phil would have been proud of the “Mancamp”.
Rents in the area approach those in New York. The short frost-free season makes rapid building more difficult.
The segment also covered the women who make a living as dancers in bars or sometimes as prostitutes. 
The episode could be compared to the film “The Overnighters”, reviewed on the movies blog Nov. 15, 2014.
Wikipedia attribution link for Williston area picture. 

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