Sunday, November 09, 2014

Lisa Ling: "What I Learned in Strip Clubs" in her "This Is Life" series

Lisa Ling’s “This Is Life” looked at “What I Learned in Strip Clubs”, and, well, this is a road job where women earn a lot more than men.  Here is her link on CNN 
Ling visited a house rented in Austin, TX by a big club for its travelling strippers to stay in while in town.
A female dancer typically works along a pole (requiring strength and athletic ability), and collects tips.  She typically can make about $400 for a lap dance.  The dancers say the club takes a relatively small cut. 
She didn’t look at the world of male strippers, especially gay.  Local laws vary on whether strippers can be touched or even photographed. 
My own viewing of this happened only once, in Indianapolis in 1970, when I went out with some coworkers.  One of the women had stretch marks from child birth.  I still remember that.  I think maybe I went again in St Paul MN in 1974 when working on a benchmark with Univac. 

Above, Anderson Cooper talked about his trip to a “club” (straight) a year ago.  

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