Saturday, November 01, 2014

Mike Rowe's show covers oyster farm in Maryland, high school drum section in Kansas City

Mike Rowe’s “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” this week opened with a 40-minute report about an oyster farm along the Eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay, MD.   The link is here. The farm breeds oysters to replenish those poisoned in the Bay, as the mollusks are the “kidneys” of the Bat ecosystem.  The animals (inside shells) are placed in trays in a certain position, and when the trays fill, some males will release sperm, and the females will open their shells, as part of their “oyster orgies”.  The animals are fed a variety of algae.

The last twenty minutes covered the “Marching Cobras” youth band in Kansas City, MO.  This was part of a program to teach low income youth to play musical instruments, particularly drums.  The film “Whiplash” with Miles Teller (Movies, Oct. 17) does come to mind.  Rowe's own site is here.

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