Sunday, November 16, 2014

NBC Dateline: "The Root of All Evil": family murder case in eastern Arkansas

On Friday night, NBC Datelines aired “The Root of All Evil” (one hour), a case in Jonesboro, AR where Marc Despain a real estate appraiser and then investor, was murdered.  The stepfather was eventually convicted of hiring hit men, and the wife eventually pleaded to obstructing justice, despite putting on a scene when she found the body.
Two men were sentenced to first degree murder and sentenced to 35 years in prison.  A typical news story comes from ABC affiliate KAIT, here. As in the movie "Fargo", all of this for a little bit of money. So this is the straight world. 
The early part of the broadcast gave some idea of how real estate in rural southern areas appeals to young people who may have dropped out of school.  I can remember a case on Dr. Phil where a young couple had planned all of its finances on flipping houses in Arizona, which fell apart quickly. 
Wikipedia attribution link for El Dorado, AR, where a “roommate” in Dallas in 1980 had come from.

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