Tuesday, December 16, 2014

AC360: "5 Inspiring People of 2014"

AC360 aired “5 Inspiring People of 2014” tonight, link .
Gary Dahler rescued twelve firefighters trapped in a California wilfire.
Ron Johnson, a Missouri highway patrolman, returned to Ferguson to help restore peace.
Kevin Vickers downed the shooter at the Ottawa Parliament building. Vickers had planned a life of service.
Fatu Kekula, a nursing student in Liberia, brought her father home with Ebola to care for him.  Three other family members got Ebola but no one died, although two people came close to death with very low blood pressure.  This was the most remarkable of the stories. Time Magazine made the Ebola fighters the “person of the year” (link )

Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder received an award as most valuable player. 

There seems to be a great deal of humility in these people, compared to the rest of us 

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