Sunday, December 07, 2014

CNN "Deadly High": how a man rationalized a home business that sold designer synthetic drugs that killed teens in ND

A CNN hour long report “Deadly High” starts with a party where two teenagers in Grand Forks, ND consume “chocolate” laced with a designer drug to get high.   One of them goes unconscious and dies a few days later when a respirator is disconnected. He would be the second teen in a short period to die of synthetic drugs”.
In Houston, a family man, Charles Carlton would start a company at home, “Motion Resources” to import  and distribute synthetic drugs for “research purposes” only.  He became an employee of his own company, filed a W-2 and had a license from the Texas secretary of state.
Eventually, Carlton would see the story of the teen deaths on the news. This random broadcast would send his life downhill immediately.   And, although he had believed that what he did was technically legal, he would be visited,  prosecuted and sentenced to 20 years (after pleading guilty) for essentially distributing a “controlled substance analog”. 

What is interesting is how Carlton “rationalized” his innovative home startup  as being technically legal, except for the "analog" idea that swallowed him later.  Later Carlton would become amazingly stoic about how he was going to be severely punished for what he had done, and even his wife is shown debating whether to forgive him and how raise the two children. 
The CNN report details the “Operation Stolen Youth” here.(Compare to "Neurons to Nirvana" on the Movies blog, Dec. 10, 2014.)

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