Monday, December 08, 2014

CNN Heroes 2014: emphasis on animals, kids, wounded warriors

Anderson Cooper hosted “CNN Heroes” Sunday night from New York City.

The audience gave the top hero award to Pen Farthing (link), who reunites solders with stray dogs that they befriended in Afghanistan. This reminds me of Gus Kenworthy’s efforts in Sochi, Russia after the Winter Olympic (NBC Today show story here). Also, actor Reid Ewing appears on the Facebook site for the Best Friends Animal Society of Utah, at the Pet Adoption Center for Sugar House, here . Another animal rescue theme was from Leela Hazzah, for educating an indigenous people (the Maasai) into guarding lions rather than killing them, here. The episode showed some female lionesses interacting with people. Anthony Bourdain had covered the Maasai on “Parts Unknown:, writeup Oct. 28.  (Sometimes the tribe name is spelled “Masai”. )
I think one of the most interesting was composer-pianist Arthur Bloom’s use of music for wounded veterans, forming Musicorps Wounded Warrior Band (link), RIME writeup here. The effort reminds one of music therapy for dementia or even autism. 
Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes formed a community center for kids in Guatemala, link).  This effort would help take the pressure off of illegal child emigration to America.  Guatemala also has water projects;  a relative who is an engineer worked on one.  The most dangerous countries though are Honduras and El Salvador.  

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